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Hi All, 

I am proud to present the first edition of a blog created by a few of my clients and myself from Amutat "Ohr Lenefesh" called "Jerusalem Syndrome". 

It is a tool that we are using to express the often unheard voice of clients, a form of self help and an outlet for self-expression of their creativity and talents. 

Please feel free to enjoy reading the blog, pass it on to others and give comments/feedback in the comment section on the actual blog!

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Great thanks! 


Welcome to our new Social Workers Irit Varulkar and Dalia Dahan .and Elisabeth Davis ! Elizabeth made aliyah four years ago from Toronto Canada.

They have joined us in our Head Office in Jerusalem

Welcome to Avraham Dahav and Shimon Yerushalmi Social Work Students from Michlelet Haredi in Jerusalem!


We are expanding and need a Social worker in the Bet Shemesh area ! Please send CV to 02-6234757 or to our email .

We recently opened a good as new clothing shop in our offices on Rechov Hatzvi 11 Jerusalem

There are amazing clothes at very low prices !!

The shop is open every wednesday at 12am .For further details call Ruti  026223294 .

SUNDAY AT GAN HAPAAMON . At 14.00 we are having a Barbecue  before Yom Haatzmaut !


Get into the swing of things! Start your mangal early!!

Gan Hapaamon next to the car park /petrol station .FOOD AND FUN !!