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About Us

Avraham Schryber

Ohrlenefesh was established in 2002 by Avraham and Hinda Schryber, two British Social Workers who together have over 30 years experience supporting the mentally ill both in Britain and Israel. The organization opened its doors with six clients, a number which has since grown tremendously.

Ohrlenefesh's services are open to clients who suffer from a range of conditions with a range of severity, including schizophrenia, ocd, bipolar, severe depression and a whole range of personality disorders. Most of their referrals come from the Ministry of Health in Israel however they also receive private clients from all over the world including the United States, Europe and South America.

Respecting Religious Diversity

Hinda Schryber

Ohrlenefesh is an organization committed to providing a compassionate service to those with mental health issues in the Jewish community and recognizes that the religious community needs specific support for those of its members with mental illness particularly as they progress into adulthood.

The organization believes that people who are dealing with psychological issues deserve to have a rehabilitative environment that does not present religious or philosophical challenges or conflicts. With a large proportion of clients from religiously observant homes Ohrlenefesh does all that it can to ensure that its services cam be tailored to each client and in accordance with their own life choices and beliefs.