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Ohrlenefesh is a nonprofit organization at the forefront of mental health services in Jerusalem providing social work, psychiatric rehabilitation, counseling and advice to adults with a range of mental health problems. Ohrlenefesh also provides rehabilitation programs and sheltered housing projects to help their clients as they are enabled to integrate into society. Ohrlenefesh is based in the heart of Jerusalem however their clients come from throughout Israel and all over the world.

In addition, Ohrlenefesh plays an exclusive role in the Jewish community as one of the only organizations that is able to provide specific care for individuals suffering from mental health issues in the religious community. The organization strives to provide a compassionate and understanding path of rehabilitation to their clients that allows them to live their lives in the ways that they have chosen and to achieve their maximum potential.

Ohrlenefesh is staffed by social workers, and other trained professionals, dedicated to enabling their clients to become self sufficient and more independent.